Lattice Works Social Enterprise Development

Logo-colorLattice Works is our multi-faceted approach to encouraging and developing social enterprises (SEs) within a specific area. Typically delivered over a 6-12 month period, the programme is suitable for both brand new start-ups and established organisations considering, or wishing to extend, the SE model.

Lattice Works is made up of several different types of support:

  • Seedlings: support and signposting for new social enterprise start-ups.
  • SEED (Social Enterprise Encouragement and Development): one to one support for established social enterprises or those wishing to adopt a social enterprise model.
  • PIP (Participatory Investment Programme): used to distribute small grants of up to £5K to develop new services or products that can generate future income. The awards are decided in part by the local community.
  • Thrive!: group workshops for those new to the world of social enterprises.
  • Action Learning Sets: collaborative peer-to-peer leadership and strategic skills learning programme.
  • Crowdfunding: using community platforms to leverage in additional funds for the programme.

NLSE 2012 network meeting imageLattice Works also works with existing infrastructure support in each area to develop sustainable future social enterprise support,  making it a cost effective way to enable community organisations to develop, grow and adopt a more resilient approach with the support of their peers.

Where is Lattice Works available?

We currently have a range of services available in the areas below. If you’re in one of these areas and would like to get involved or want more information, please contact the link shown.

  • Manchester – Launched in January 2015 in partnership with UnLtd, services are centred around offering Seedling support in the Levenshulme area. Budding social entrepreneurs in this area will be able to access support surgeries to help them develop their ideas.  Main contact:
  • Southport and West Lancashire – Launched in January 2015 in partnership with UnLtd, this support is focussed on new local social entrepreneurs. The full range of Lattice Works components will be available here. With a funding pot of £15,000 to distribute, we will be helping participants to launch a crowdfunding bid to increase that pot, as well as encouraging other local funders with an interest in this type of work to pool resources.  Main contact:

We also have small amounts of start up funding (up to £500 per person) available in the Lancaster and Levenshulme areas, and will be encouraging other local funders to work with us to increase the total amount distributed.

SE workshopCould Lattice Works be delivered in our area?

Lattice Works is a tested and highly effective model for public bodies to both support the growth of local social enterprises, and/or distribute grants. Its focus on peer support and development means that the community as a whole is strengthened through the intervention, rather than becoming reliant on a short term initiative that then leaves a gap on completion.

At a time when public bodies no longer have the same resources to support community organisations as they did five years ago, SFCIC can use its delivery model and experience in this area to encourage new organisations to develop, help existing ones become more resilient, and ensure limited funds are distributed to those that will make best use of them – in an open and participative manner.

As Lattice Works has a number of component parts, support can be tailored to the needs of each area depending on budget, timescales, and existing infrastructure support.